Zaterdag 18 november | Abraham Sarache & Crashing Bats | HPC CAFÉ

Abraham Sarache
Experimental with unique folk instruments and different music genres, Abraham Sarache’s implementation of the venezuelan cuatro as a new tool for rock and metal music, shows a new path for alternative sounds. What started as a solo project, today has evolved into an exotic, technical and emotional mixture bringing the talented Garri Snowman and Tristan Turner onboard.

Crashing Bats
Progressive, passive-agressive, and definitely rock. Crashing Bats has its roots in a huge variety of musical styles – folk, pop, metal, jazz and everything in between. Combining the art of cherrypicking and staying true to themselves they have created their own thing – a heavy foundation of drums and bass, distorted guitars, and melodic vocal lines floating on top – yet no two songs are the same. Because all bandmembers take part in the songwriting-process, Crashing Bats has a very diverse repertoire ranging from heavy walls of sound to catchy ballads – and usually with a plot twist.