SUBMARINE EMERGES .2 | Vrijdag 9 juni | The Grey Space In The Middle

SuBmarine organiseert naast het SuBmarine festival dit jaar ook een aantal concertavonden in de kelders van Den Haag. Vrijdag 9 juni vindt de tweede editie plaats in The Grey Space in the Middle. Deze keer optredens van Polarized en WOLVON.

22.00 | Polarized
Polarized, a noisy & guitar-driven quartet from The Hague.

23.00 | Wolvon
WOLVON bring post-noise alternated with enchanting dreampop with an excellent reputation for their live shows, which are characterized by distorted guitars, lots of sweat and waving hair. Their overall sound is a mixture of heavy guitar walls, pounding drums and distortion, all carried across through dreamy pop melodies.

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